It Finally Feels Like Spring

Thursday I was craving vegetables.  I roasted veggies when I made Pasta and Cauliflower and they were delicious.

I chopped up broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, zucchini and a sweet potato or yam (I don’t remember the difference).   Added olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and parsley* and baked for 20-25 min at 400 F.  Served with rice and feta cheese.  This will be happening a lot more in our house.

Raw and Roasted

Raw and Roasted

*I started buying these Gourmet Garden herbs.  They are great because they last so long.  Although, looking at that photo I am thinking it may be time to toss the basil. It had a good run.


It’s finally feeling like spring in Toronto.  Expecting a high of 18 C today!  Since it’s Saturday, I had the perfect opportunity to run outside.  (I have not done this in like 5 years).  Map my Run is my new favourite app.  I am super competitive so being able to track my pace, distance and time is a great motivator.


I am falling in love.  I had no idea there were paths like this so close to me.


Random Happy Fuel: One of my BFF’s from high school/university randomly messaged me that she was in town for work!

Any great surprises lately?

What’s your favourite iPhone app?

Any great tips for roasting vegetables?


2 thoughts on “It Finally Feels Like Spring

  1. Can I replicate your random surprise and say it was getting to see you! No, but really…it was finding out about your blog. +1 follower 🙂 AAAANNNDDD iPhone App has got to be Nike Running, b/c for those competitive types (wink wink) it will tell you (with a dope badge) that you landed a record time for certain distances, anytime you exceed a previous record (1km; 5km; 10km). And while I’m on a roll…question 3: Roasted beets! But wear kitchen gloved when you chop them or else everyone will wonder what animal you have butchered 🙂 Beets are great for your liver! XO

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