My Not-So-Secret Blogging Life and Running Intervals

I have thought about committing to a schedule that would force me to blog at least 3 times a week, posting on the same days each week.  (I read this is good for followers).  I then realized, I am not writing this blog for followers, I am writing it simply because I enjoy it.
I have also contemplated sharing on my facebook page.  (If you are reading this from the link on my fb page it is because I drank too much.  Later when I decide to take it down, I won’t be able to figure out how to delete the status update from my iPhone.  Eventually I will accept it.  Be happy I finally shared it and continue to flood your news feed with status updates linking you to my blog.  But you will be happy this happened because you love hearing about my randomness.)  But in real life: I am not sure I am ready to expose my secret blogging life just yet. 
Thursday, you may have noticed, (If I could get my workout page sorted) is the only day of the week I mix it up.  The Goodlife in my building offers a Pilates Mat class that I don’t care for.  Sometimes I go to BodyCombat after work, but I hate getting home so late and I am usually too sore from my Wednesday HIIT class to punch and kick the air for an hour.
Today I tried a Cardio Workout: Treadmill Pyramid Interval.  (It is also the first thing that comes up when you google: 30 min treadmill intervals.)  Heart Rate Average: 143.  Max: 177.  Including cool down, I ran 2.75 miles.  I wouldn’t recommend this work out if you want to get a good sweat on.  It was probably just what I needed for today, but I felt like I could have gone a lot harder.  I made sure to do push ups until I crumbled to make up for it. 
Tips for Interval Training on a Treadmill:
  • Do not press the stop button!!! (I should have taken a photo).  This sounds like a no brainer, but is actually quite difficult while running at ‘top’ speed.  The stop button is right under the numbers.  Changing speeds every minute greatly increases your chances of hitting this very sensitive button.  This happened to me on minute 8.  After a quick restart I was good to go again.  Although it did make it difficult to track the intervals…  Katy Perry’s movie on Netflix also did not help my cause.
That is actually my only tip.  Good luck!
AND: (because there are no photos in this post): This is what my backyard looks like.  It’s April!  You know it’s cold when Rose pees on the deck.
Do you have any great 30 minute Interval workouts?  Please share!

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