Turning 28 took me a week.

I turned 28 last week.  Where does the time go?  Has it really been 10 years since I graduated high school?  My birthday fell on a Thursday (April 4) and I did my best to spread out the festivities.

Friday, March 29.  We spent the weekend at the cottage with Jeff’s parents and celebrated ME Friday night.  My favourites!

Steak and Scallops


Saturday, March 30.  Birthday Hike!  It was actually just a regular hike, but I was still celebrating.
first hike
Wednesday April 3. Dinner with my girlfriends and Yogurty’s!!  My first FroYo experiance (excluding YogenFruz, but they don’t have candy). There are so many topping choices.  I panicked and just threw in little bits of the things I love.  This resulted in weird tasting mouthfuls and wanting more of everything.  I came to the conclusion that Yogurty’s has giant bowls so you can get 2 different flavours and toppings to match!  When are we going back?
"Moon Rocks!?" #winning

“Moon Rocks!?” #winning

Thursday, April 4. For my actual birthday, Jeff skipped basketball (because he loves me I told him I would hold it against him indefinitely if I had to spend my birthday alone) and took me to JOEYS!!! My favourite restaurant from back home.  If you ever go I would recommend the Super Nova Vodka Soda and Ahi Tuna Tacos.
Friday, April 5.  We I (Jeff played basketball) had friends over Friday for cocktails and appies.  We then went out for some delicious pasta.  I shared my birthday with THIS guy.
Saturday, April 6. Last photo I swear.  The perfect way to end my birthday week! IMG_0745

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