Well, THAT wasn’t for me…

I can always count on a good workout to put me in a great mood.  This is not to say I can’t wait to get to the gym, but I crave the endorphin rush.  I always dread my Wednesday Power Intervals class.  It’s my favorite class (if I could do it 3 times a week I would), it’s just so hard!  The instructor is incredible, she pushes you to your limit, but you never feel like she’s ‘screaming’ at you (she is).  Walking into the gym today I instantly regretted any thoughts of not wanting to do Sarah’s class.  I should have seen the first red flag and opted out of the class, or at least jumped on a treadmill near by so I could check it out before committing. This brings me to my list…

Red Flags: This Group Fitness class is NOT for you.

1. A sub (in a class that is not Les Mills).  At least Les Mills you know you are going to get your heart rate up whatever the instructors like.  I can usually get a good sweat on even if the class is low energy

2. The peeps at the front desk can not provide ANY insight on what the class would be like.

3. Set up for the class includes two 3 lb weights and a mat.

4. The instructor is potentially someone’s grandmother. (No offence Grandma) #fail

Grandma Fail

At this point you’re committed.  I don’t know about you but I feel awful walking out of a class halfway through, so I tried my best to ignore the following:

5.  Where the warm up would normally be jogging on the spot for 5 minutes, you are lead through 15 minutes of stretching.

6. The cardio peak consists of marching on the spot for 8 seconds, followed by 4 seconds of jumping jacks.

Feel like this workout isn't  right for you yet?

Feeling like this group fitness class isn’t right for you yet?

7. 20 minutes in a class and your heart rate hasn’t reach 140 bmp.  (Remind me to recommend this lady to my pre-natal friends).

8. The instructor forgets to do the other leg.  (When reminded, does a different amount of reps).

9. You’re onto abs (done the cardio) and you are still not sweating.

10. Someone else walks out of the class prompting the instructor to say: “This class is an hour, right?”

After 10 minutes of abs I couldn’t take it any more.  I quietly rolled up my mat, snuck out of the class and practically ran to the treadmill.  I did intervals of (1min/3.5) (1:30min/8.0) until my lunch break was over (about 12 minutes).  I least I learned my lesson: Don’t ever say (out loud) that you are dreading a class you love because you are feeling lazy.


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