Those Dreadful 2 Words

Let me paint a picture of what happened to me last night…

Rose: Bark Bark Bark BarkBarkBark (running to the back door…)

Jeff: (Follows Rose to the back door)

Nicole: (Settling in to watch episode 3.11 of Shameless)

Jeff: BABE! Get my bat!

Nicole: (Running out of the bedroom) What! Why!

Jeff: There is someone in our back yard!

Rose: Bark Bark Bark

Nicole: (Running to the back door) OMG! I am NOT getting you a bat!  I’m calling the police.

Jeff: Get back! Don’t call the police… go get my bat.

Nicole: (Turns off all lights in the back of the house for a better view outside).  NO BAT!  What is he doing back there? (Slowly approaches back door)Should I get a flashlight?  I don’t see anything. (Peering out glass door.)

Jeff: He’s behind the shed.  Get ‘em Rosie!

Rose: Bark Bark Bark

Jeff: Look out he’s coming around the side!

Nicole: OMG OMG


Nicole: (Angry Face) Every year!

Jeff: (Laughing) …and I just texted my sister and told her you got fired from your job today.

A couple of years ago he convinced me that he was fired from his job.  Three years ago, it was that he was being transferred and we were moving back to Calgary. (I immediately texted my brother and got him too).  That one was mean!  My bro, of course, reciprocated the next year when he told me he was moving to Toronto.  I was in tears I was so happy (clearly I have the worst memory) and then instantly deflated when I heard those dreadful words “April Fools”.

My April Fools jokes are only successful via text.  I have the worst acting/lying abilities. I have yet to fool anyone in person.

What’s your best/worst April Fools joke?


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