Costco and Hemp Hearts

I honestly dread going to Costco alone.  It is so crowded and I have embarrassingly poor cart driving skills.  I love going to Costco with Jeff, he drives the cart and I wonder around, look at all the cool things and simply put them in the cart… no chances of crashing or breaking toes.

I managed it on my own today and was overjoyed with the following:


Tub of Feta: for $11.79.  That’s 900g!  What a steal.  I didn’t know this existed until I read this post.  Thanks hungry runner girl!  PS As soon as I get around to creating a blog roll, this one will be on the top of my list.

Kirkland Garden Burgers: They’re back!!!  These burgers are amazing (they are infused with cheese) and they are only available during the summer BBQ season.  I was surprised to see them so early but will definitely be sure to stock up for Winter 2014.  Yes, they are that good.

Hemp Hearts: I just heard about these the other day from a colleague.  Being as skeptical as I am I texted my friend who is a heart health expert for her advice.  Her response, ” Ya!!! Love em”  Good enough for me.  Get tips from Emma here.

While waiting for Emma to text me back, of course I did a quick google search on my iPhone and was quite surprised to read the benefits.

> Heart Health and Lowered Blood Pressure

> Improved Digestion

> Loosing Weight Naturally 

> Increased Energy

> Healthy Cholesterol Levels

> Control Blood Sugars

You can read all about it here: or google heart hemp benefits and click on the first one.  I may need to do some more research on this.


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