Polar FT 7

I am horrible at keeping up with my blog.  It’s actually been two weeks since my last post.  To catch you up.  I ordered this online.


My friend let me borrow hers for a class and it was so cool to see max heart rate and calories burned.  I am not sure exactly why I need one.  I figure if anything it will be a good motivator.  I can be quiet competitive, even with myself.

I ordered it on a Thursday and was able to track it online.  I saw it clear customs and I was surprised when I came home the next Wednesday: still no fancy watch.  Thursday on the phone with my husband:

Nicole: Did my present come in the mail today?

Jeff: Oh ya… it did.

Nicole: Yes!!

Jeff: It actually came yesterday.  I hid it.

Nicole: …

Jeff: I wanted to play a game with you so I hid it.

As frustrated and annoyed as I was, I couldn’t stop laughing.

I have used it a few times now.  I also downloaded the app to my phone.  I am still trying to figure out how everything works.  I am having trouble configuring my account online to my iPhone.  There is a fitness test in the app.  I am interested to see how “fit” I am.


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