Coffee Shop Hoping

About a year ago I bought “team buy” to have my husbands car detailed.  Great Valentines gift right?  The spot is in Liberty Village and they require 2-2.5 hours to detail the car.  I gave him the gift with the promise of a lunch date.  I thought it would be the perfect excuse to sit on a patio in the summer.  How time flies.  We completely forgot about it and dug it up Friday morning.  It expires on March 5!  So here I am at Balzacs coffee shop in Liberty Village waiting for my car to be completed.  Jeff is in sunny Florida, so here  I sit… solo.

Luckily Balzacs has great coffee.  I used to work in this neighborhood and I think the coffee is what I miss most.

… I got distracted.  Finished my coffee and felt awkward sitting at the table using the wifi.  Anyway, now I’m down the street in a Starbucks.  Coffee is not as good but I feel like I got a fresh start!  I will stay here until my phone rings.

At first I was bitter that I would have to wait the 2.5 hours solo but I am quite enjoying my morning.  If I were a writer I would start my all my days like this.  #dreamer.

And I just booked a flight to Pensacola, Florida!  Why?  To reunite with my 3 best friends.  We were inseparable in high school and now live all over North America, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and you guessed it, Florida.  Two years ago we made a plan to meet up in Palm Springs, 3 out of 4 made it and had a blast.  You know those friendships that last a lifetime?  No matter where you are in your life, or the world when you reconnect it’s like nothing has changed.  The people that just get you.  These girls are my people.  The last time we were all together was my wedding night (obviously it was too crazy for us to get any QT in).  I can’t remember the last time just the four of us were able to hang out.  And now we have 5 whole days together.  I can’t wait.

Wow, I’ve been sitting her for almost 3 hours and this is all I have managed to write.  I am going to try on shoes.

Happy Monday!

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