The Oscars and my “Friends”

Watching the Oscars this week I realized I haven’t seen any movies this year!  I also remembered why I have never watched an entire award show.  The red carpet is so awkward and the show itself kinda boring (I still watched from start to finish and I will do it again next year).  I like the outfits and of course I love seeing my “friends”.

Let me back track a bit.  I used to love “The Hills”. While watching it I would react to the drama as if I were actually there.  My boyfriend (now husband) would always make fun of me, reminding me that they weren’t actually my friends, and didn’t really care what I thought about the situation.  (Guess what Jeff, I could say the same thing about you watching football, yelling at the coach, refs and players.  Those headsets they are wearing are not connected to our TV).  Because Jeff loves to watch TV with me secretly likes “The Hills” he would ask me for updates on episodes he missed.  It was just easier (and hilarious) to refer to the cast of the show as if they were friends.  Basically I hung out with Lauren at least once a week.

Anyway the show got cancelled and I began my search for new friends.

es oscars

Emma Stone.  I am not sure when I realized I wanted to be her friend.  I liked her in “Superbad” and loved her in “Easy A”.  I know what your thinking, “The Hills” is a reality TV show and Emma was acting in those movies.  (I really hope you can sense the sarcasm through out this entire post)  Anyway, when she is on SNL, Ellen/any talk show, I make a point to watch it, or at least youtube it…

jl oscarsJennifer Lawrence. gave a shout out to Emma Stone at the Oscars.  Another actress that I love!  I was surprised she won best actress, not because I don’t think she is amazing but because I heard Jessica Chastainwas the favourite to win.  Anyway, she fell. I gasped. She got up and gave a genuine acceptance speech.  And then this. Watch here.  We are now BFF’s.

Anna-Kendrick-Oscars-2010Ana Kendrick.  The one movie I did go see it theatres this year was “Pitch Perfect”.  If you haven’t seen it.  Go see it, unless you hate laughing, then don’t even watch the preview.  So immediately after seeing the movie, I imdb’d her (like any normal person would) and found out she was on broadway and sung all of her own songs for the movie.  Friends? Yes. Watch this clip from the Late Show, you will understand why.

Bet you wanna hang out with me and all my cool friends (that don’t know I exist and would probably be super creeped out if they knew I pretended they were my friends). After typing this post I suddenly feel a little uncomfortable.  Sorry if it made you uncomfortable reading it.

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