Valentines Day and Lent

Happy day after Valentines Day!  Because Valentines fell on a Thursday this year, I am assuming there are more than a few couples that will be celebrating tonight.  We went out for Sushi last night (mostly because I didn’t want to shop, cook or clean) but are having our official dinner tonight.  We plan on heading out to a fish market and cooking a feast!  Pictures to come.

I knew Jeff was the one for me the first time he gave me a 5 dollar bill instead of a card.  That was sooo my thing!  I would way rather have the money than the card.  Unless it’s coming from my Grandma, she picks the best cards.  Anyway, after 3 years of exchanging and saving bills we opened our first joined account.  How embarrassing handing over a stack of 5’s with “I love you” written all over them.

For Lent one of my girlfriends has committed to giving up alcohol.  Like a fool I agreed to jump on the bandwagon.  If I’m ever going to go without I’m going to need the moral support.  It’s been two days and I am already thinking about changing it from a Lent thing to a March thing.  Tonight will be the ultimate test; don’t be surprised if I crack.

It’s Family Day weekend.  Hurray!  With my flexible work schedule I am off until next Wednesday.  Four day weekend and the only thing I have planned is brunch on Saturday with some friends.  Life is good.  Blogging regularly is hard.


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