Group Fitness

I always assumed that group fitness was for middle-aged housewives that were bored and looking for a way to get out of the house and justify eating cake.  (This could have been heavily influenced by my Spa Lady membership.)

About a year ago one of my girlfriends invited me to join her at a LesMills BodyStep release class.  I agreed, not expecting to break a sweat.  Everything I had previously believed about Step class was proven wrong in one gruelling hour.  I finished the class red in the face, dripping sweat, clutching my empty water bottle.

I loved it so much I joined Goodlife the next day.  Turns out LesMills does more than just Step class.

BodyPump: Weight Lifting, something like 800 reps in 55 minutes.  I dread this class because it’s so hard.  I love it at the same time because I can feel myself getting stronger.

BodyAttack: Crazy Cardio.  This class isn’t in my regular routine.

BodyFlow: Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates.  My goal is to do this class at least twice a week.

BodyCombat: I guess this is kinda like Tai-Bo?  Basically punching and kicking the air.  Cardio, arms, back, legs, butt.  An all around great work out if you can get over looking like an idiot for an hour.

BodyStep: Well this one is obvious.

Every three months is a release class.  This means, new music and new moves.  The instructor has to run the new release for 4-6 weeks (I think?), then can do whatever they want.  The music is usually pretty good.  Top 40 remixes, or upbeat songs I’ve never heard before.  It plays LOUD and it’s motivating.

Anyways, point is.  If you have any negative preconceived notions of Step class, give it a try.  It just might be your new go to workout.


One thought on “Group Fitness

  1. I’m a group fitness instructor and my first (and only) step class kicked my butt! I learned I am definitely not as coordinated as I thought I was … I’ll be sticking to my Spinning, Pilates and Piloxing thanks 🙂

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