My Secret Blogging Life

I finally did it and I am feeling pretty good about it.


I registered my domain name!  I guess it’s only an $18 commitment and I could still change my mind but I am hoping Fueling Happy continues to grow on me.

3 out of the 6 people I mentioned the name to said they liked it.  They were all girls and there is a chance they were just being polite.  (Shame on you, you owe my VISA 18 bucks!) The other 3 were male.  I am not sure why but none of them seemed to get the concept of fuelling happy which lead to an awkward explanation and feelings of self doubt.

“It’s like fuel, for happy.  I don’t get it? Like food fuels your body, but what fuels my happiness.  So why don’t you call it Fueling Happiness.  Because Happy is catchier, and it kind of sounds like Feeling Happy. Cool, so what are you going to write about? Things that make me happy  like food.”

One day I will be able to explain exactly what Fueling Happy means in 10 words or less.  You’ll know when I do because it will be my subtitle.

In my latest cooking and eating adventures, I have discovered a super fast and easy dinner for 1 or more.


  • James chicken patty, baked and tossed in Franks red hot buffalo sauce.
  • Three Cheeses – Blue, Cheddar and Boursin
  • Avocado, Salt & Pepper and Mayo

I was wishing I had Oreo cookies to crush up but found this instead…




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