6 Seasons in 5 Weeks

It started the last weekend of November when I discovered Netflix newest addition…


This would be the beginning of a 5 week, brain numbing marathon of absolute joy.  I don’t know that I have mentioned it, but I love watching TV and movies.  I loved getting lost (no pun intended) in the story, trying to guess the end and watching how it eventually all comes together.  I would have to say LOST has been one of my favourite series to watch.  And I loved how weird it got.

New Years Day was spent hibernating in the house with my Macbook.  My husband watched Sons of Anarchy on the TV and I watched LOST with my headphones.  This was basically my reaction to the finale:


I think I spent the next two nights dreaming about it.  Having watched season 5 and 6 in two days, I was actually quite pleased with how it ended.  Spoiler alert: Everybody dies.  I still have some questions around all of the time travel, but I am satisfied with how most of the island mysteries were explained.  I would like to see how Kate, Sawyer and the rest that left the Island on the plane eventually die.  It’s never too late for a spin-off.

We are watching football today.  These are some of my favourite days.  Although I am not a crazy football fan, I love snacks and any excuse to drink beer on a Sunday.  So far we made these tiny little grilled cheese sammies on fresh foccia bread.  IMG_0376

And just because I haven’t posted anything in 2 weeks.  Some random things that I thought worthy of a photograph.

1. Salad with bacon wrapped scallops.  Jeff was painting the cabinet for our downstairs bathroom.  We decided the colours should be grey and yellow.  Stay tuned, it’s going to be bold.


2. Rose Nylund ready for a walk.  I’ve been dressing her up since she was a puppy.   I swear she likes it.


3. Worlds Largest Gummy Bear.  My big brother sent me this in the mail.


4. Paul and Sandy’s Real BBQ.  I think that was what it’s called.  A legit BBQ smoke house.  I had a small pulled chicken sandwich.


5. And finally, we got rid of our Christmas tree.  Luckily with all the snow we will be able to enjoy it outside until the city comes and takes it away.


New Years Resolution.  Blog more.

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