Apple Pie and Christmas Spirit

At work on Friday, I went to eat the apple I had left on my desk from the day before.  As I washed it I was thinking to myself, “Why I didn’t eat gem yesterday?”  As I peeled off the label it hit me.  It was a Copeland apple.  I bought them for the first time last week trying to be adventurous.  Big mistake, the texture was worse than a Macintosh.  I like crispy apples and for some reason I just can’t stomach the soft ones.

Anyway, I didn’t eat the apple, not wanting to waste the 3 I had left I decided to make an apple pie.  I searched google and found this recipe.  Turns out Copeland apples are one of the worst kinds to make pie with, so I went out and bought a 4lb bag of Granny Smith.

Friday night went like this…

1. Pick out a Christmas tree from a pile of misfit trees.  Apparently we were late this year.

2. Stuff tree into the trunk of our four door car.  We had to put the back seat down but it was still incredible.  We could actually close the trunk! I am still kicking myself for leaving my phone at home.  #missedinstagold

3. Put up the tree. Throw out two dead light strings. Fix one. Decorate. Water tree. Watch tree falling.  Run in slow motion to save tree. Dive to catch tree. Miss tree. Watch decorations scatter. Tie tree to the window sill. Re-decorate tree. High Five.

Yes, Jeff is stand on a chair and yes, we fit that tree in the car.

Yes, Jeff is standing on a chair and yes, we fit that tree in the car.

I woke up bright and early Saturday morning (11:30 AM) and was ready to bake.  After realizing I don’t have an apple corer or a rolling pin, I headed out to the store.  I came home with a new peeler and an apple corer.  Yes, I completely forgot the rolling pin.  I ended up using the plastic wrap.

If you have ever peeled and cored apples with a crappy dollar store peeler. This photo will bring you pain.

IMG_0224 copy

The whole process took me the first 3 episodes of the Vampire Diaries and 2 episodes of Glee.  And then this was born.



This pie has been husband approved…

I followed the recipe pretty much exactly, except I used all 4lbs of apples.  I had enough filling and topping for 2 pies!  I probably could have stuffed it all in there, but instead I made another crust, baked one and froze the other.

If you are wondering why I was watching Vampire Diaries and Glee (which I’m sure you are).  It’s because Jeff started watching LOST with me and now I feel guilty watching it without him.  We’ll see how long this lasts.

It’s Sunday night and I still have 3 gross Copeland Apples in my fridge.


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