The Secret to Fish Tacos

…is shrimp.  I first fell in love with fish tacos at Joey Tomatoes.  If you ever have a chance to eat there I would highly recommend the ahi tuna tacos and baha fish tacos.  Both of which I have been desperately trying to recreate since moving to Toronto.  I think the secret to the baha fish tacos is the hot sauce. Joey’s uses an amazing red (not orange) one that isn’t available in my local grocery store.  With or without, I make a pretty legit fish taco.  I use white fish (tilapias or basa) and raw frozen jumbo shrimp.  I toss them in a flour, taco mix, cajun spice mixture and cook them on medium. Just add avocado and tomato.  Today I was feeling creative so I mixed the two together with salsa, lemon juice, salt, pepper and garlic to create a super guac.  I melted cheese on a tortilla and served with sour cream and chili garlic sauce.  Be sure to have nacho chips on hand to scoop up whatever happens to fall out of the taco.


And this is why I love cooking… (besides eating)

Perfect set-up.  Obviously that’s LOST in the background.  After my second marathon weekend I am now on season 3, episode 5.  I have vowed to only watch LOST when I am doing something productive. Win Win.  My show will last longer and I will be able to spend my nights actually sleeping.BODYSTEP at lunch today.  I LOVE having a gym in my building at work and I wouldn’t work out half as much if it weren’t for the convenience.  The only down fall to the step class is you are dripping sweat by the end of it and it takes a good 30 minutes for your face to go back to the normal colour.  If you have never tried a Les Mills group fitness class I would highly recommend it.Two days in a row…  I am impressed with myself.  Tomorrow I will introduce you to my dog and make something for dinner that I don’t feel like writing about.

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