My First Post

Why does this feel so awkward?  Please tell me that every person that starts a blog feels this way in the beginning and that one day I can look back, smile, shake my head and say… “If I only I knew then, what I know now”.

I have been putting off this first post for a number of reasons…

  1. I would like to be able to post everyday but I am afraid of commitment…
  2. I couldn’t decide on a host website.  (I actually registered blogs on 3 different ones.)
  3. I couldn’t decide on a name for my blog.  (I hope this one sticks.)  While I love working out I wouldn’t say I am a “runner” and only blog names with “running” in the title sound cool.  Who wants to read… “Group Fitness, Free Weights, Yoga Sometimes, Run Hardly Ever and I am always Hungry” .com?  Not as catchy.
  4. I am really into the show LOST right now on netflix and every time I open my computer I feel compelled to watch one more episode.
  5. My mobile device. Weird but true.  I have always been a Blackberry user and I still love Blackberry but I convinced myself (I should be in sales) that I needed an iPhone to start a blog.  Let’s face it, I don’t have a point and shoot camera and I am too lazy to ever plug in and upload photos.
  6. My husband laughs every time I tell him I am going to start a blog.  Apparently I have been talking about it so much over the last year I have lost my credibility.

So here it is… The First Post.  I am going to hit the PUBLISH button this time I promise.


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